Friday, April 4, 2014

Movers Worcester MA West Side

Do you need a moving company on the west side of Worcester?  It is important to hire movers who have a real location in Worcester so they are not surprised by the big hills, tough driveways and stairs that are so common on the west side of Worcester.

Monster Movers™ located in Worcester does not charge additional fees for stairs but it is good to let the office know so they can give you an accurate quote.

Recent homes we have moved on the west side - this home on Richmond

And this one on Beaconsfield

In Worcester, we don't charge travel time to your residence - ever.  The time starts when we arrive.  The moving crew will disassemble, reassemble and protect your furniture with extra thick clean moving blankets.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Springtime Moving Tips from Monster Movers

Springtime Moving Tips

Just when you thought this season would never end! Suddenly spring is here and it's moving time in Massachusetts.  As much as I would like to complain as we all do in MA I cannot…  Houses and condo alike are flying off the market like cannoli's at Mikes Pastry.  Homes in central MA are going in 3,4,5 days again.  I haven't seen a market like this since 2004.  What does this mean for the moving industry.  Hold on to your moving blankets friends it is going to be a busy June!  

List of Springtime Moving Tips:

1.  It is going to be wet, wet, wet this spring.  Make sure your movers have shrink wrap to cover all upholstered items to avoid stains and mud.

2.  The ground is going to be soft mud, if the movers have to go through a bulk-head etc.  they may track this into your home - make sure you movers have booties to protect your new floors.

3.  Hire movers who clean their moving blankets.  Mold spores grow on wet moving blankets and some moving companies in Worcester use them for evictions (usually dirty ).   I highly suggest using a mover that only performs residential moves - eviction movers usually keep items in a warehouse altogether.  In reality, whatever critters another person had become yours now too - ewww!

4. If you do need storage, make sure your things don't go into a warehouse wet.  Old warehouses in Massachusetts are mold farms - save your furniture and go climate controlled!

Monster Movers will make sure your items remain unsoiled during moves in the spring.  We are not eviction movers!  We have climate controlled personal storage units and steamed moving blankets.  Clean trucks are our thing - and they are all 2013 or newer ensuring a clean happy move.  

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Moving Companies in Worcester with brick and mortar locations in Worcester

Licensed, Insured, Brick and Mortar Worcester Moving Companies

Thankfully the Massachusetts Movers Association and DOT have been cracking down on rogue movers but there are still some out there - beware of unlicensed and under-insured movers in Worcester in 2014.  Here are some consumer tricks to help you choose a great mover in Worcester.

1.  Make sure your movers is actually licensed, insured and bonded in Massachusetts and has authority to pick up and deliver your shipment in MA.  

2.  Is your business actually located in Worcester or do they just advertise they are from Worcester.  You may end up paying high "travel time" rates if they are from out of town.  Google maps is not always accurate and a lot of times rogue movers and moving brokers find a way to get on the maps.  The best thing to do, call the office and ask where the company is located.

3.  Review sites are not always the most reliable source of information.  There is one moving company review site that actually reviews movers.  I highly suggest using it.  

4.  If you can, drive by their storage/office/facility.  There are scary warehouses that movers in Worcester have used - some that are even condemned or used for eviction moves.

5. Beware of any movers that do Worcester evictions.  The same trucks used in evictions will be used for your items… and some evictions are really, really not pretty. 

6. Find a mover who is progressive - does your mover have plans to "go green?" Is your mover using the latest software/technology to ensure timely professional moving crews?  

Here is a list of local moving vendors that are suggested in Worcester MA

Monster Movers:  94 Elm Worcester MA 01609 (training and call center)  & 120 Shrewsbury Street Boylston MA (call center and storage)

Monster Movers fits all of the above criteria and has been Worcester's #1 Moving Company and has won multiple service and quality awards.

 Or call 877-4770-1247 to speak with a moving rep

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Movers of Worcester County - Shrewsbury MA Movers

Shrewsbury MA Movers

Arguably the best city for your money in Massachusetts, Shrewsbury has welcomed a population change of +7.4% last year.  Being in the relocation industry, Monster Movers™ moving franchise has helped many of the new residents relocate from other Massachusetts towns as well as other states.  Monster Movers™ has two locations near Shrewsbury MA.  These locations are brick and mortar and the Boylston location sells packing supplies.  Monster Movers™ Worcester County addresses are:

120 Shrewsbury Street Boylston, MA  01505 (Rte.140 at exit 24 off 290 in Shrewsbury)
PH: 877-470-1247

94 Elm Street Worcester MA  01609  
PH: 508-751-6769

Monster Movers™ has been Shrewsbury's #1 moving company for 10 years and has been licensed and insured since 2000.  

Some of the moves we specialize in Shrewsbury are:

Local in-town Shrewsbury to Shrewsbury moves 
Moves in or out of Shrewsbury that may need storage - we have overnight, short term and long term storage options in Shrewsbury
Out-of-state moves from Shrewsbury to another state
Moves for elderly people and moves to and from assisted living facilities in/out of Shrewsbury

On average, Monster Movers™relocates approximately 250 families/year to or from Shrewsbury.  It's highly likely that we have moved someone in your neighborhood in the past 14 years.  Our Shrewsbury moving customers are extremely important to our moving franchise and we promise to relocate you safe and sound guaranteed.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Monster Movers™ Worcester


Monster Movers™ was founded in 2000 and has over 6,000 five star customer reviews since.  Monster Movers Worcester has a state-of-the-art training and software system allowing all moves to be estimated correctly with guaranteed dates and trained professional, uniformed movers.  Monster Movers in Worcester has experience with many types of moves locally and out-of-state.  Monster Movers™ now offers direct door-to-door service to Florida, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, and Washington DC.  We offer only flat rates on out-of-state moves so you know the price going into your move.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Last Minute Emergency Movers in Worcester MA --508-751-6769

Last Minute Emergency Moving Companies in Worcester MAssachusetts

Do you need last minute movers in Worcester Massachusetts? Do you need a moving company that can be at your residence in less than an hour?  Maybe you didn't realize what a big job moving can be or maybe your another moving company you booked didn't show up.  If this is your situation call Monster Movers™.  We have an actual brick and mortar location in Worcester and have a full fleet of trucks to help you next week, the next day or even same day.  We don't change our prices for last minute moves.  Our rates are filed with the DOT and will not change for any last minute moves.  Rest assured you will not get taken advantage of for waiting last minute.  

Monster Movers™ also offers storage options for overnight, short term and long term storage in Worcester and Middlesex County.  Our trucks are stored in a lit, gated secure location.  Please feel free to call us for any emergency move at 508-751-6769 or if your move is not a last minute move you can fill out a free Worcester moving quote here.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

In-Town Local Worcester MA Moving Companies

Local Worcester MA Moving Companies 

Many moving companies claim to have "locations" in Worcester County and list them on google.  However, most movers don't actually have physical locations in Worcester.  What does this mean for the consumer looking to hire local Worcester MA Movers?  About $150.  How? Moving companies charge "travel time" to get from their office to your home.  If you call movers that advertise locations in Worcester but are actually based out of Boston or Providence, you may be paying a lot more than you anticipate.  There are a few in-town local movers in Worcester that have physical locations in Worcester.  Local movers in Worcester with physical Worcester MA locations are:

 Monster Movers 877-470-1247
 Town Movers   774-242-6261

Worcester MA is home to many colleges and has a really high rate of relocations. Which means people are continuously moving in and out of Worcester.  Make sure you are hiring great movers to help with your local Worcester Move.